Meet The Team

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Anna Trisha Martinez, the lead assistant of One Sweet Soirée

is the true definition of a hard worker. She works tirelessly as a nurse and with little to no days off she still manages to execute any given task on wedding days. She'll even come off of a 12-hour shift and go directly to events just to make sure the entire team is prepped and ready for the big day. An abundant ray of sunshine and just the most selfless person I've known. You'll find in Anna a very positive and calm attitude that smiles and laughs often. 

Fun Facts:

  • She adores her 2 pups, Rocky + Rhoko. Both senior dogs who nap and cuddle all-day.

  • Loves chocolate, any and all types.

  • Addicted to more coffee.

  • Online shopping is her thing! A firm believer in purchasing the cutest outfits while on the couch, in PJs.

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Gina Arriola, is definitely one of those people who can listen or see something once and just, get it. Extremely confident and takes initiative on all fronts. She is also beyond detail-oriented. Gina truly has an eye for design and style. Give her random contents in a box and she can assemble and display it to make it look aesthetically pleasing for others' viewing pleasure. 

Fun Facts:​

  • She is a dog mom to Fonzy aka E40 Fonzarelli the sweetest French Bulldog you'll ever meet!

  • Loves traveling and exploring all sorts of places around the world.

  • A concrete runner who enjoys the outdoors, nature, and half marathons.

  • A natural foodie at heart, she always knows the latest places to check out.

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