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Hazel & Brian

Tawny offered to coordinate my wedding reception, and I honestly couldn’t have been more fortunate. I chose to have a small and intimate wedding, and although that cuts out a lot of the extra details and activities of a normal wedding, I am still a very particular person who had a vision and wanted everything to be perfect. 


I was anxious after all of the planning I had done, how everything would come to life. Since I couldn’t be the one to set it up, I really needed someone I could trust who was responsible, organized, professional and most importantly, knew my vision. Tawny was all of the above and then some. She communicated accordingly and effectively. She made herself available when I needed her so she could see what I had in mind and what I already had put together. While she supported everything I had planned out, she also provided insight on what I could add or cut. She was also my fresh set of eyes and brought to my attention any details I may have missed or didn’t think about.


Thinking back makes me really miss it. I appreciate everything Tawny did for me that day because I know it wasn’t easy. She really helped make such a special moment in my life, that much more memorable as it was everything I imagined and more. Thank you, Tawny!


Natalia & Joseph

My husband Joe and I could not be more thankful for the support we received from Tawny throughout our wedding planning process. Tawny shared her knowledge and experience surrounding finding a venue and booking the best vendors for us. Throughout the planning process, Tawny maintained focus on what my partner and I envisioned and how to do it within our budget. Her attention to detail was apparent throughout communication leading up to the wedding and as a day of coordinator on our big day. Immense gratitude for Tawny in making the wedding of our dreams come to life ️.

Evangelina & Kyle

Working with Tawny was an absolute dream! She was the most positive, supportive and calm person we could have ever dreamed of working with. If we had any questions, she was always available and quick to reply. If we came up with a new idea, she would give us her professional opinion and help us research anything needed. Planning a wedding can be very stressful, but with Tawny it didn’t feel like that at all. She was EXTREMELY organized and detailed, so if we ever wanted to look something up, she knew exactly where to direct us to.


Because of all her hard work, commitment to making our day exactly what we wanted and her wonderful personality, our wedding was a SUCCESS! My (now) husband and I are sad that the wedding is over and that we don’t talk to Tawny on a daily basis, but we are SOOO HAPPY it happened. We didn’t feel just like another client to her, we felt like we were working with someone who was going to be a lifelong friend. Thank you, Tawny for everything! Kyle and I appreciate all your hard work and are forever grateful for helping make our dream wedding a reality!


With tons of appreciation,

The Arshakunis


Abigail & Kevin

When I first started wedding planning, I didn’t know how much I needed a day-of-coordinator until I started working with Tawny.  She helped me much more than the job title, “day-of-coordinator” presumes. From the beginning, Tawny was always open to communicate with me about any questions or concerns I had, whether be about vendor recommendations, budgets, timelines & so much more.  

Being a very “do-it-myself” type of bride, I was stubborn when it came to reaching out to anyone for help, but Tawny constantly checked in on me, helped me stay on track with planning, & gave me the much needed reminder that she was always available if I needed anything. Her attention to details were impressive--she pointed out so many details that I overlooked but were critical to a smooth running day.

On the big day, Tawny & her assistants were AMAZING.  My biggest stress was that the day wasn’t going to go according to plan, but thanks to Tawny & her team, our wedding day was PERFECT and better than we ever imagined.  

I’ve said it so many times & to so many people; I don’t think I could have had the most perfect day without the help of Tawny.  I am so grateful for her & her team for helping in making our wedding day the best day ever.  

Brenda & Robert

We had such an amazing time working with Tawny on planning the biggest day of our lives! Tawny was always so organized, prepared, and extremely helpful through out the entire process. We were so thankful to have her by our side every step of the way. Our wedding day was so much fun and we couldn’t have been any happier with the outcome! 


Roxanne & Michael

Tawny is amazing, and has all the qualities of a great planner — patient, communicative, detail-oriented, and flexible. 

On top of all the major things, there are so many little things you might forget, or might not even consider leading up to the wedding day. Tawny did a wonderful job of keeping us in check, and making sure we didn’t forget anything. She helped us pull our ideas together, and shape them into a cohesive look.

Tawny and her assistant handled everything beautifully on the day of the wedding. Everything went so smoothly! To us, it was a perfect day and we enjoyed every second. We cannot say that enough. Tawny was on top of everything, and had it all handled. She kept us on schedule, without making us feel behind or rushed. She checked in with us throughout the night, and made our guests and other vendors feel taken care of. We were able to spend time with our friends and family, and not sweat the details. We are so lucky and thankful to have connected with Tawny!

Hannah & Dean

My husband and I had a wonderful experience working with Tawny to plan our minimony! We thought we were going to be able to plan a minimony on our own and it was a much bigger task than we thought! We reached out to Tawny about a month and a half prior to our wedding date and she was able to kick everything into high gear! Tawny is so organized and detailed, she really made everything so easy. She was able to introduce me to various vendors such as caterers, florists, etc. When the big day came around Tawny and her team turned the Airbnb that we rented into an amazing venue for us and our 10 guests. She handled everything with so much care and professionalism - I didn't have to worry about a thing! She also worked with my sister and my sister-in-law to plan a massive surprise drive-by for us which was such a huge and heartfelt surprise for us!! She really went above and beyond for us! 


There are 3 things about Tawny that I want everyone to know: she's incredibly honest with her work - she won't ever overpromise to under-deliver, she's very organized and detailed, and lastly, Tawny genuinely loves love - she understands that this is one of the biggest moments of your life, and she will handle it with care. My husband and I can't be more thankful for everything she did for us on our big day! 


Kris & Mikko

Having Tawny with us on our wedding day along with the planning of it all was the best decision we made to be a stress-free bride and groom. We did a lot of the planning ourselves for our micro-covid-wedding, but she went down her checklist and made sure everything was set, reached out to vendors, and made sure we were happy with it all! Her presence on the day of our wedding was such a help, and her aura is so beautiful to be around. Not only did she help us plan and execute our wedding, but we also reached out to her a year ago to help with our 3rd annual nonprofit event. Again, no regrets about having her on our team to help create our vision come to life. She is nothing but love and light, and we are so blessed to have her be part of our wedding day and of our lives.

Deets, I loved most: I mean, everything— venue, food, quick ceremony, florals...literally everything. But, what I loved most about our wedding was how intimate it was. Having just our immediate families also helped to keep the stress levels low and let us really enjoy our day— there was no pressure or time restrictions. We were able to enjoy each other's company 1000%.

Emma Kristine & Hans

Let us just first say that our testimonial will not do justice to how amazing Tawny is!


I was very fortunate to win Tawny’s first giveaway, which included her full-service wedding planning. As much as I love to plan and do things myself, I am forever thankful and grateful to have had Tawny by my side throughout the planning process. I think God knew I was going to need Tawny’s assistance.


From the beginning, Tawny was very supportive, transparent, communicative, and organized. She had so many ideas and suggestions to offer on top of what I envisioned. We initially planned for a big wedding celebration, but the unexpected happened,

Covid-19 hit, and it seriously stressed. me. out. However, Tawny was so calm and patient, and she really helped us through all the rescheduling and changes we needed to make for our wedding day to happen. I appreciate her so much for being so flexible with me and allowing me to vent to her about any concerns I had.


And at the end of the long time of planning, our wedding day turned out PERFECT! Tawny handled everything smoothly and beautifully that day. If something didn’t go quite right, Tawny was prepared and a quick thinker to make any flaw unnoticeable. She and her assistant brought our wedding vision to life. It was really better than what I imagined it to be...even if we had Covid restrictions and regulations to abide by. We cannot thank Tawny and her team enough for everything they did to make our wedding our BEST DAY EVER!



Thank you,

Emma Kristine


M aryAnne & Anthony

Tawny wasn’t just our wedding planner, she became a life-long friend who was truly our support system and rock we clung onto during our whirlwind of a journey to getting married.

Tawny was an extremely professional and charismatic wedding planner that we were fortunate to have. Her work ethic is tactful and personable that my partner and I felt we could trust her to deliver the wedding of our dreams. And that’s exactly what she did; she delivered us the wedding of our dreams + more!

Regardless of the time of day, text, or call, we knew she was there for us. If we needed a vendor recommendation, she always gave a good list of whom to contact. If we needed to contact a vendor or prep for our meeting with our Officiant or DJ, she had questions for us to be prepared with so we could cover all the bases. Being new to this whole wedding thing, who knew there were so many things you had to know?! Well, thank God for Tawny! <3

Tawny accompanied us throughout the vendor meetings/walk-throughs and took note of all the details. I would have probably been so overwhelmed without her. There were a few bumps in the road with vendors, but honestly, it was handled with a quickness! She helped us with different options and directed us on what to do. We felt like all the bumps/details were ironed out before the big day!

What was so special about Tawny, was that we found out we were pregnant right before the wedding and she helped us make a game plan of how we could hide it from our guests so that we could surprise them and reveal it at the end of our wedding day. It was absolutely magical. From the fake drinks from the bartenders to the making sure I didn’t drink the wrong champagne glass during our cake cutting—everything worked out perfectly. The special reveal was the best thing about our wedding day, and we wouldn’t have been able to do it without her.


At our first glance inside the reception area, we noticed Tawny and her awesome team directing the vendors on where each decoration or item should be. It was reassuring to witness Tawny and her team direct and facilitate the evening and we could not be happier! We were able to enjoy the night and just absorb all of the love we felt that night. We will never forget our wedding night. It was truly everything we imagined and more. Thank you, Tawny, for wearing all the different hats and being everything we needed. I would definitely recommend her and choose her over and over again. You won’t regret it!!!!!! We love you Tawny!

Mary & Charlie

From day one working with Tawny and her team, the positive, organized, and welcoming experience we had was second to none. Planning a wedding is a stressful process and Tawny was able to pick us up every step of the way and make sure we were able to have our cake and eat it too, so to speak. From her organization with various vendors, to checking up on us and our families, all the way down to making sure our drinks were never empty at our wedding made Tawny one of the highlights of our planning process. Words cannot accurately describe how much we would recommend using her talents.


M erlise & Noel

First things first, Tawny and her team are incredible. One Sweet Soirée is the reason that our vision for a dream wedding came to life. Throughout the entire wedding planning process, she guided us every step of the way. Her presence and execution on our big day were flawless. Tawny is very experienced, detail-oriented, and punctual. We could not be more thankful and blessed to have had her as our wedding planner. 


I knew that Tawny was the wedding planner for us after our first phone conversation. We instantly connected with her positive and heartfelt personality. Tawny is easy to work with, and always has an encouraging attitude. She facilitated everything with our vendors, and kept every detail so organized for us. Phone calls and meetings with Tawny were always extremely productive. She guided us through every detail, but made the process fun despite how overwhelming planning can be at times. 


Planning a wedding during a pandemic may be one of the toughest things to do because of all the uncertainty on local guidelines and many other factors. We faced a few bumps along the way, but Tawny always kept calm and got us through it. We were in constant communication about anything and everything, and Tawny responded so quickly to help address every concern we had. 


Our wedding day turned out beyond perfect. It was a huge success for our families and us. We enjoyed every aspect of our celebration, and that was due to how organized and prepared Tawny was with every detail for the big day. Tawny’s warm heart and caring personality were evident. We received many compliments of how awesome our planner was. Our parents continue to rave about how special they felt when she also checked in on them throughout the day. 


Tawny, we are so appreciative for everything you have done for us. Noel and I cannot help but smile at how beautiful everything turned out for our special day. We looked for the perfect wedding planner, and we are thankful to have found that in you.  

Stephanie & Marc

Hiring Tawny and the One Sweet Soiree team was one of the best decisions I made in all of my wedding planning. I met with Tawny only 7 weeks away from my wedding day and she and I just clicked! Her proactivity and ability to take in so many details all at once was very impressive. Like many brides, I thought I could keep everything organized but as the day came closer, I knew I needed help. Talking to Tawny, I loved that her organization far outranked mine as she put all the small details in a clear and concise timeline. Tawny was sure to ask me even things that I did not think of just from her pure experience of wedding planning. She was able to see my ideas and help me build upon them to make them even more perfect. 


Being in the wedding industry, Tawny came with a great network of vendors that she can personally say that were great to work with. With trusted recommendations, it was easy for me to find a needed limo service and signage vendor. Tawny was excellent in keeping communication between herself, me and vendors, cc’ing me on each email. All in one day, Tawny was able to do what I could do in a several days of planning. She is truly a wedding planning magician!


Not only did One Sweet Soiree help me in planning my wedding day, they were a huge part of the actual day! From wedding rehearsal to the morning of, Tawny and her team were there for us! We felt so taken care of and I knew things were going to go off as planned. Most importantly, the best thing that I enjoyed was when Tawny would check in with me and my groom. She would ask us, “How are you two feeling?”. She made sure that we felt good and it was a great display of the heart and soul she puts into her work. If you are thinking about hiring a planner, Tawny is more than that. She is a planner, a hype woman, a timeline keeper, and so much more. 10/10 highly recommend!

1404_Stephanie & Marc.jpeg

Valérie Thomas

It took us a long time to find the perfect wedding planner for our big day but it only took one meeting with Tawny to know she was the best person for us!

Tawny is organized, detailed oriented, resourceful, and has all the needed skills to be an amazing wedding planner. But she is kind, bubbly, attentive, and warm, which made the planning of our wedding go so smoothly and feel like we were talking with a friend that only wanted the best for us!

She went above and beyond for us: recommending sooooo many vendors until we found the perfect match, helping us with every single detail, and being available at all times to reassure me (a very anxious bride) and keep us on track with our timeline.

On the day of the wedding, we couldn’t have asked for a better team: Tawny and her team were amazing, took care of everything, and were always on top of it.

The wedding day went by so fast and we can now look back at the pictures to remember it all. But what stays the most in our minds, is all the months prior to the wedding: organizing, planning, and imagining our perfect day with Tawny. What we thought were going to be stressful months leading up to the wedding, were actually the most fun!

We cannot thank you enough Tawny!

Cynthia & Justin

Tawny was our wedding coordinator, and boy, are we glad she was! Since we were planning a more laid-back wedding reception, we thought that we could just do it all ourselves. But we were quickly proven wrong once we started working with Tawny. She was such a great support for everything (literally, EVERYTHING) and kept us on track on our to-do's leading up to the big day. She brought a different insight to details that we didn't even consider. Most importantly, she made us feel comfortable throughout the whole process and the day of. Tawny is so passionate about her work, and it really shows through her positive attitude and open communication. We were able to fully enjoy the day knowing Tawny was there overseeing it all. I honestly don't think our wedding day would have been as smooth as it was without Tawny and OSS! <3 


Emily & Brian

Tawny truly went above and beyond as our wedding coordinator/planner! From the very first moment we spoke with her for an initial consultation to even after our wedding day, Tawny was so warm, open, friendly, helpful, communicative, non-judgmental, and above all, a problem solver!


We chose to work with her because she made us feel so comfortable and reassured, and really understood our priorities and made it her mission to help us execute them. With her expertise and knowledge, Tawny provided a ton of insight throughout the planning process, and caught so many important things that we had missed along the way.


Tawny also helped us navigate through some complex situations when the way forward wasn't clear, pushed us along when we started to procrastinate, and kept us calm when we felt overwhelmed or worried. Brian and I were really able to enjoy every second of our day because Tawny and her team were so on top of every little detail - all while calming our nerves, making sure we were fed, managing our bridal party and parents, etc. It's hard to explain the amount of complexity that they managed from start to finish! On top of that, they were just so much fun to be around on our wedding day. We were truly in such good hands and are so incredibly grateful for OSS!

Our wedding was elegant, magical, and seamless all thanks to Tawny. I thought initially I wasn’t going to need a wedding planner but at the request of the hotel it was required and looking back, there was no way I could have even imagined doing this process on my own.  Even though I had only hired her as a partial planner, she was there every step of the way. Thorough, patient, and created a stress-free experience. I can’t think of a single thing she could have improved on, from start to finish this was a personalized experience that exceeded all of my expectations.

Amanda & Daniel


Melissa & Matthew

If you are looking for the perfect wedding and a forever friend, you have come to the right place.  From the first moment we spoke to the last minute of our wedding adventure, Tawny has shown up 100% with a smile on her face and taken care of business.  


We were both nervous about planning a wedding and finding the right wedding planner that would get us.  Not only did Tawny click with us from the first call, she knew things we wanted that we didn’t even know we wanted!  From the venue selection to everything in between, we could not have done any of it without Tawny.  Every detail, every worry, every issue and anything you could think of, she was there to help and made herself available to connect with us whenever we needed her.  She became our new best friend.


Our wedding was THE  most perfect day and experience we could ever have.  Thinking about it now still brings tears of joy to our eyes.  Thank you, Tawny and One Sweet Soirée for everything.  Our wedding was exactly what we wanted and would not have happened without you.



With love always, 

Melissa and Matthew

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